About Us

Cloud E Healthcare

Cloud E Healthcare aims to provide medical facilities to the common people due to regional disparities and to get rid of incurable diseases, as you know that Uttarakhand is a mountainous and Himalayan region, where there are no hospitals at various places due to geographical conditions.

Therefore, to accomplish the same thing, cloud e-hospital, all the residents of the state, for the physical problems you have from your home, you can get your doctor treated for your diseases through online video consulting audio consulting and get your diseases checked and at the same time if you need medicines and medical tests, then through Cloud E Healthcare. Facility will also be made available to you around you.

Our Mission

Cloud E Healthcare aims to provide the best and satisfied medical service to their patient , we are happy to see you fit and fine, our aims is to achieve happiness on every single face.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide all the needed service till patient can recover well and be the leader in this industry to serve the better service.

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